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10 Myths of Laser Therapy


Myth №1

Laser therapy is completely safe and therefore the more light on the diseased organ the more benefits to health.


In fact, there are a number of absolute and relative contraindications on treatment of laser therapy. Using the device must be strictly following guidelines and under the supervision of your doctor.


Myth №2 - very important

Therapeutic laser devices are very expensive.


Devices cost reasonable money. If someone offers you or your relatives laser physiotherapy unit for huge amount, with incredible discounts, to be sure: they are fraudsters.

Warn your relatives about the possibility of fraud. Usually older people tend to become victims of such fakers. Buy MILTA devices direct from the manufacturer or the official representatives of the United Space Devices Corporation.


Myth №3

The impact of the therapeutic laser is accompanied by feeling of warmth and tingling on the skin. Infrared laser light must be visible.


The impact of therapeutic laser power does not cause heating of the skin surface, and even more so it is not expected other physical symptoms such as redness or tingling.

Optical radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum is divided into three main wavelength range:

• IR 780 nm - 1 mm;

• visible light of 392 - 780 nm;

• UV-1 - 392 nm.

Visible radiation - is the light whose wavelength determines what color we see. Waves that are longer than 780 nm, are invisible part of the spectrum. So, infrared radiation we cannot see because of limitation of human nature, as well as, for example, we cannot hear ultrasonic waves.


Myth №4

Laser therapy can trigger the development of malignant tumors. Laser radiation "kills" the blood. Laser treatment can produce the opposite effect. Laser radiation is harmful to the body as a whole.


Safety of laser irradiation, excluding the list of contraindications, was proven by thousands of studies conducted in various experimental and clinical models worldwide. In the 520-70s of last century, it was shown that the laser light has neither mutagenic nor oncogenic effect. Laser therapy can produce the opposite effect under rough violation of medical procedures only and inadequate use of physiotherapy device.


Myth №5

Therapeutic laser devices can treat diseases of the eye such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Laser therapy helps treat everything, even restores the lost tissues of the joints, liver and other organs. It’s properly to be treated by laser therapy without medication and consulting your doctor. To take in account the existing contraindications is not mandatory.


Laser Therapy, as well as all other forms of Physical therapy, and indeed, like any pharmacological effect, is not a panacea or a magic pill for all ills. With the help of laser therapy, alas, you cannot restore lost organs or tissues to cure nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Therefore, before using the MILTA devices, be sure to consult your doctor. And yes, the use of laser physiotherapy devices is limited by absolute and relative contraindications.


Myth №6

The larger the laser power, the more effective the treatment. Portable devices for home use - not serious "toys", so you need to be treated only by professional fixed lines.


Efficiency of treatment does not depend on the laser power and the more the size of the apparatus. Domestic machines, designed for use by ordinary people, differ from the professional counterparts by simplicity settings. Professional machines require specialized knowledge and skills, without the possession of which you can be hurt yourself or close person. So do not buy devices designed for clinics and hospitals, thinking that it is better. It’s not so.


Myth №7

The mechanism of action of laser physical therapy is poorly understood. Treatment is more like shamanism than methods of conventional medicine.


The human body is incredibly intricate biological object. Modern medicine still does not know answers to all questions.

The first device for laser therapy has received permission from the Ministry of Health for mass production and application in clinical practice in 1974. For more than 40-year history of the development of laser therapy are written thousands of theses, published tens of thousands of scientific papers on the subject, both in our country, and abroad. The theory has long had under a comprehensive evidence base, consisting of clinical and laboratory studies, some of which are available on the website


Myth №8

Russian Laser Therapy Devices are produced by outdated technology.


To honor of our engineers and manufactures it’s one of the not many fields of science where Russian is still a leader. Russian Devices for Laser Therapy have been recognized physicians and their patients in more than 30 countries around the world. MILTA has domestic and foreign awards, as well as the European quality certification.


Myth №9

You can make depilation by MILTA device.


MILTA devices, as well as other laser therapeutic apparatuses, don’t remove hair at all, but activate many positive processes in the treatment of a very wide range of diseases.


Myth №10

MILTA is the name of the device, which the developers have come up with when they created the first version of the device in 1991.


In fact MILTA is an abbreviation which stands for Magnetic-Infrared Laser Therapeutic Apparatus. And one more thing, this is the registered trademark, which is owned by the United Space Device Corporation.



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